Saturday, February 28, 2009

A night with my BFFs

I just had to tell someone about the funny events of the last hour before I forget.
Aaron has gone to play poker with some of his friends and I am here with the kiddos watching episodes of 48hours pretending like they don't give me the Heebie Jeebies!
ANYWAY, After getting the kids personal pan pizzas and putting them both in Dalton's bed to play while I was organizing all his clothes. I was packed another storage box for a friend of all of Avery's 6-12 months clothes . Pretty much made me cry. I had formed an emotional attachment to some of those outfits. Nevertheless, I moved on and put the hoodlums in their bubble bath and all sad tears faded quickly.
In case you didn't know this, my kids are incredibly funny. Seriously, they are. They were just a swimmin' away in the bath tub. Avery was trying to dance on her knees, which of course is a huge "no-no," but it is very hard to keep a straight face through this. I finally called it quits and got Dalton bundled up in his bear towel to bring him into the living room. I plopped him in the floor and ran back to get her out of the tub. When I got back in the bathroom she had already gotten herself out of the tub and was IN the cabinet trying to pick out a towel. I brought her back in the living room to find Dalton standing up in his bear hooded towel exposing his little naked booty. I tried to diaper Dalton while attemping to tell Avery that her PJ top couldn't go on her legs while Dalton was crawling off with me trying to diaper him. They continued to crawl all over me. I was BELLY LAUGHING. I don't know that they have ever made me belly laugh before. I couldn't help it, they are so silly and so funny and so stinkin' cute. Even now as I'm sitting on the couch Avery is crawling all over me trying to get me to drink her juice cup while I'm typing and Dalton is standing up holding on to my leg,pushing keys and he keeps biting me. So I pretty much pick my leg up every 3.5 seconds because that seems to deter him. But his bites hurt... BAD!
Anyway, I'm kinda using my blog like a baby book these days so I want to remember stuff like this. Nights like tonight make me want a LOT more kids.


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