Monday, February 16, 2009

Blah Blah Mondays ...

So I am quite sure that Monday is the only day of the week that I truly dislike. I think it's that Monday is almost assured to be the day my house is the messiest, I do a gazillion things of laundry on Mondays so that I kinda have an excuse to hide off on my bed for 2 hours watching the Bachelor and folding it. But today I really didn't like it. These poor babies are just SO sick. Avery has just fussed and whined all day long. And to every question, every command she has replied with a terribly mad "NO!" ouch.
I think it was off to a not so hot start bc I've had sick babies in my bed since last Wednesday. Avery never did take a nap yesterday. She had cat naps and all but never a nap. And she had been up from about 2am-6:30 am sick the night before. She finally laid down on the couch at about 5 ... it was pitiful- so pitiful in fact that I let her sleep with us. It's never a good idea to go to sleep and wake up on kid duty. I just never feel like I've gotten my MUCH NEEDED and MUCH DEPENDED upon R&R. Another ouch.
And to top it all off I have agreed to eat something that our 2nd month of marriage I vowed I would never eat again ... Hamburger Helper ... 3rd and Final ouch.
However, the Bachelor is about to be on and I'm pumped. I don't even care about the Hamburger Helper.
Tomorrow I'm gonna have to drop the kids off at Mom's before Moms 'n More. I can't let them get around other kids, they're still contagious. And then I'm going to get my hair cut.
I really need to spend every day scrubbing my house this week because Saturday night we're having a Tool shower for one of Aaron's best friend's Derrick who is marrying one of my best friends, Morgan. Super fun. However I'm kinda getting a little anxious that it's here. Eek!
Well, I better go whip up my fabulously fancy and nutritional dinner before my show is on.



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