Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Basket Case.

In case you people didn't know I can be an emotional basket case. I think I've always been sensitive and could get get tuned up easily, but I have taken that to a whole new level. Seriously.
I can honestly be sitting with a group of people and I will think about something to do with my kids or just ANYTHING and can get going right there. EMBARRASSING! Sometimes I even will start crying and cry even harder BECAUSE I'm crying. I am an utter and complete mess.
Well, yesterday at Moms 'n More we were nearing the end of our talk and the fire alarm started going off with a scary automated voice telling us to evacuate immediately because of a fire. I was seriously scared to death. I started having tears streaming down my face. Dalton always falls asleep about 30-45 minutes after he gets there and they put him in this little dark room with a little sound machine on and he sleeps for pretty much his whole time at MnM. My mind was going a million miles an hour wondering "Will they remember to get him out of there?" "Are they freaking out?" I calmly and quickly as possible filled up my bible study bag with my stuff and tried to proceed out of the big room with the other 100+ moms who were not as noticeably freaking out. I even heard one mom say "do you think there was a shooting??" SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?!?! Upon reaching the common area where you would normally head to get your kids (which I must also note there were 3 women with walkies blocking the closed doors and saying "DO NOT GET YOUR CHILDREN!" (again, more tears, and more tears).
Finally one lady said "it's OK, a 3 year old just pulled the fire alarm." Oh. My. Lord. I was a mess.
When we get back in there and got situated a live microphone fell off the table making a sound equivalent to an explosion. No lie. It was crazy. Then a lady stood up and told us how they get the kids out, putting each class in the rolly cribs so they just wheel them out super fast,( more tears.) Then when I picked up Dalton I was talking to one of the lady's in Dalton's class about it and I was one of the last mom's in the hallway because I had already gotten Avery. However there are seriously like 6 hallways and 50 classrooms. BUT as soon as I say "I think a little 3 year old pulled the fire alarm" A mom turns around and says "that was my son." Typical, typical.

Needless to say I had the longest, most realistic dream last night that we were in some horrible fire.
I'm exhausted just thinking about it.


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