Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thoughts for Today...

Today I went to Mom's N More, my little Tuesday morning bible study for new moms. It really is a hoot- they are so sweet to all of us and just stand up there and tell us how proud they are that we got there with all our kids and everything. We have snippets on Fall Fashion, or the Hottest New Toys, or whatever. It's really cute. ANYWAY we also have a short lesson by Judy Taylor, who is hilarious. Today she talked about our fears. Everyone was sharing in small group, and never the shy girl, I told what my fear was. You might find this humorous, but MY fear is staying in Bryant forever... and I have no idea why! My leader asked why this was my fear, and I told her that I honestly didn't really know. But it got me to thinking... "WHY did I not want to live there??!??!!" Am I just a wee bit snotty and came from a small high school and we might have made fun of Benton/Bryant for whatever reason and God has a sense of humor and just put me right there (very strong possibility, God seems to express his sense of humor with me like that a lot!) It's a sweet small town, with great schools, and even a Fellowship Bible Church literally within walking distance from my house. I love my little house and with a little bit of work on the outside I really think I would REALLY love my house. Plus it's out kinda in the country so Aaron can hunt and train his dogs and everything. AND we live on stinkin' Boone road with the rest of the "kin" and how fun is that?!?!?! :)
Mrs. Judy said something in her lesson today about how not surrendering to God's plan could really cause us to miss out on blessings and being a part of HIS plan... so that KINDA hit home. God could really have a purpose in us staying in Bryant, so I guess we better stick it out and see what it is :)
Another little "nugget" that she gave us this morning was kinda an "in your face question" or at least it was to me ... She asked if we had a mentality of "well Lord, I could just be happier with ____," Or "Lord, I could just be such a better Christian if you would just _____." Can I please just take a minute and think how many times I have said that to God lately ... well it would take a lot longer than a minute- because I have done that FREQUENTLY! I have just been convinced in feeling that if I could just GET to Little Rock that I would just live in day to day perfection! HA ... seriously?!?! What is going on in my head? I have had such a freedom and a PEACE the last couple days since I have given over moving to the LORD. He has my best interest at heart and he knows what's coming. I just have to TRUST God with all my fears and WHO BETTER TO HAND THEM OVER TO?!?!?!??! I think I just rambled ... shocking.

Aaron wrote me an e-mail this morning saying that he thinks we can probably move home this weekend! EEK! So pray pray pray us home this week!!

Here are a couple pics of us leaving for Moms N More today ...
Of course I couldn't really get us to all look and smile and everything at the same time ... but I tried :)




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