Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back to Boone Road!

We're FINALLY home!!! Friday we moved back into our house .... such a relief! I almost forgot how much I missed being at our own house! However, I will say that since Dalton was 3 weeks old (and now he is 3 months old!) I have been staying with either Aaron's parents or my own, so I've had full time help with the hoodlums! It's a wee bit different being home. I just LIVE for nap time!! I don't even take a nap then though because I feel like I miss the quiet, and it's so nice!
I have realized though what a sacrifice it is to stay at home with your kids. IT'S HARD! Aaron told me the other day that he would rather dig ditches all day then do what I do- I can see that ... ;) But I know this is just such a short season and one I can never get back, so I'm going to persevere. Plus seeing Avery's sweet face just bawl and squawl when I leave her in the nursery at church for two hours just kills me, much less daycare. So I'm going to keep going!
I also forgot what it's like to try to keep the house picked up with little ones under my feet. My mom told me once that if she's awake she's cleaning, I now have completely embodied that ... I AM ALWAYS PICKING UP AND CLEANING! Whew! It's exhausting! Plus, since we threw away practically all of our rugs and such with the flea problem I have to sweep at least twice a day so that we're not trucking through a complete mess!
ANYWAY! Life is good and God is great. I am really loving being home and having some normalcy back. I think Aaron is much more relaxed and happy to be home as well.
We started going to the Bryant Fellowship this week- it was oh-so-different. But, a lot closer.
I think Avery is climbing up the pantry so I better end here. Thanks for all the prayers for the fleas to flee- God answered our prayer!!


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