Thursday, October 4, 2012

My New Fav Thing.

There are few things I like more a sparkle. And what better way to sparkle than with some new bling?
I love all kinds of jewelry: fancy, eclectic, gold, silver, beaded, big hoop earrings, tiny studs, even old school friendship bracelets. I'm not really picky. But my very favorite things are bangles and bracelets. I just heart them.
So when my newest blog sponsor, Stella and Dot, joined my site I was literally giddy!
Rachel (Hartz) Curtner was one of the very first gals I met at the University of Arkansas ... Actually since I met her at orientation before school even started she may have been my very first new "college" friend. :)
Now Rach is married and is working as a stylist for Stella and Dot. They have some fabulous pieces and every time someone is having a S & D party I jump at the chance to go. Love, love all their cuteness.
This month I got the super cool "Sparkly Bardot Spiral Bangle." I love that it's all one piece, but looks like it's several stacked. And I'm LOVING that it has mixed metals ... I'm a huge fan of that and I feel like it's such a timeless look. Lately I've been mixing a lot of rose gold with it, but it would look great with yellow gold, silver or bronze metals too.

So fun.
Their holiday catalog just came out and I'm definitely going to be making an order soon, but you can see it all at Stella and Dot has a HUGE range of products from jewelry to scarves to the latest techy accessories. Love, love it all.

If you're looking for Christmas gifts, they make amazing happies. Jewelry is always the right size and Rachel will help you pick out the perfect piece.

I was SO excited to receive my mew bracelet in the mail. Look at the cute packaging!!

It's pretty much fool proof!
Rachel is so fun and cute and can definitely help you find something perfect for any budget.

Rachel Curtner

Marcia Curtner

Don't delay! Get to shoppin' !!

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