Sunday, July 15, 2012

Home Again, Home Again ...

Jiggity Jog.

Tuesday morning we got home from Arkansas after a lonnngggg trip home. Aaron decided about half way home that he wanted to drive it straight through. As in not stop for more than gas, food, or potty breaks on the 19 hour trek. As in, shoot me.
So for 22 hours and seven minutes we were on the open road hauling this beauty:

I'm not really sure how we accumulated so much stuff while we were there, but we did. In my defense, we did bring Trip back to Pennsylvania for Jason, so we had to have the third row up and that did cut down on some cargo space.
The drive was awful ... The kids were just so tired and sick of the car!
Here we are starting out ...

Dalton is hidden behind Sawyer.

And here we are stopping for a potty break in Elizabethtown, KY:

Our only simultaneous smiles of the trip, I'm sure.

After that I was done with pictures, it was not worth remembering.

I have lots of sweet pics to share from the rest of our trip, but I managed to leave my laptop in Arkansas and my mom is mailing it back. Can't wait to share!

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