Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Halfway to 66: Happy Birthday Aaron!

AaronBoone is da' bomb. No, really.
He makes me laugh multiple times a day. He is a rock star daddy. He goes above and beyond for his family all. the. time. And, I just love him.
I still remember him walking into the restaurant where I was waiting tables in college. It was after the lunch rush and he and his friend were the only two in there. I thought he was THE hottest guy I'd ever seen and even told one of my friends I was working with that I was going to marry him (a little premature ... But, I'm nothing if not impulsive). I'm pretty sure it was love at first sight. Thank GOODNESS for the drug-head waitress that overheard me saying that and passed the info that I thought he was a cutie on to him. Clearly, a fairy tale romance from the start.
But 7 years later I'm so happy that he's mine!!

We don't really do a big to-do for parent birthdays around here. We usually individually treat ourselves with something we've been eyeing, but Aaron didn't even do that this year. Instead he took Avery, Dalton and Trip to see Brave today and then took THEM to all get happies. He even brought me home some cute running shorts ... On HIS birthday.
Aaron's not one to want a fuss ... Actually the first year we were married I did a surprise thing at our house with family and friends and he hated it; he is just not one for being the center of attention. But, because I have to make somewhat of a big deal about the man in our house I just want to proclaim, "AaronBoone, you are loved! And I think you're the greatest evah. Love you oodles!

We did a fun fishy dinner and then went out for ice cream. I think he had a good day.

Lots and lots of x's and o's, AaronBoone. You have my whole heart.

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