Saturday, November 26, 2011


Even though I will tell you that summertime is my favorite season (and I long ago decided the 4th of July is my actual fav holiday) the winter holidays have something magical about them. Thanksgiving and Christmas are special in an exciting way that gives me wam, fuzzy feelings as I remember almost every detail and tradition since I was very young. I hope Avery, Dalton, and Sawyer will find this time of year as memorable as I do.

Having so much wonderful family in town is absolutely fantastic. I don't know what I would do without all the supportive and helpful, willing family we have at our beckon call. However, at the holidays it can be a little exhausting trying to make appearances everywhere with little ones who spend the afternoon hours sleeping. Due to some new logistics we made a decision to just go to my families house for Thanksgiving and spend Christmas Day with Aaron's fam. It was definitely sad not seeing them on Thanksgiving Day, but Lynda had us over with Ashley's family and kiddos Wednesday night for a pizza party. Somehow I neglected to take any pictures, but they were all getting so big and we're going to have to plan a trip to Paragould soon to play. Avery, Dalton and Sawyer could not be in love with the Bolen/McMains crew.

Thursday morning Aaron hunted at the house and then we left to make the trip to LR to spend the day with the Davis'. My mom, Aunt Tamra, and Rachel prepared quite a feast of delicacies that were oh-so-yummy. Somehow I lucked out of bringing any food and just lots of hungry mouths.
We stayed all day and into the evening and had the best time!
My mom was snapping pictures left and right so I uploaded them before leaving. Here are some pics of the day ...

**Avery and Dalton's table for two ... Dalton kept taking bites of the pumpkins.

** Mom gets us matching shirts for our Christmas picture every year ... she makes me laugh. :)

I'm so thankful for all the blessings we have this year. God has taught us so much over the last year and we have seen him working in all the intricate details of our life. I'm thankful for the friendships and teachings at our amazing church and even random ways that God has taught us about what it really means to lean on Him and see His faithfulness and His timing.
He is so good. All the time.

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving from the Boonies.

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