Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Homey Day

I fried my computer power cord and it is one of those things I need to run to Radio Shack and get ... Yet somehow have not found time to do!
I so want to post pics of sweet Noah's birth and Halloween and some other fun days, but prefer to do it from the computer as opposed to my phone. Maybe I'll go crazy and grab one today. :)

In the mean time it's been a fun day at home with my favorite stinker, Sawyer.
The big kids left for school this morning in their gear for Crazy Hat Day!

Sawyer couldn't stand being left out so he even put this hat on all by himself ... Made me laugh.

He is getting so big! He'll come up to me and say "poo poo" and then get diapers and wipes. He is making all kinds of connections and is such a silly willy boy.

Today after I changed his diaper he laid up on the couch and fell right to sleep ... Naked. He was so cute I just couldn't move him.

He finally started moving around and I diapered him up and snuggled him up before bringing him to his bed. Wuv that baby.

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