Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So, I'm not really a serious blogger, not my style.
I try to remain light hearted and just keep track of
fun things (and not so fun things, that might be funny
later). But today, I'm heavy hearted. I just keep
seeing all these children in Haiti and my heart just aches
for them. Ever since I saw "Slumdog Millionaire" last
year, I all but have nightmares about all the babies
walking through trash heaps for food, sleeping in garbage,
and never hearing someone tell them they love them
or even feeling safe. Ever since then I have wanted to adopt
so, so, so badly. However, fertile mertile over here keeps
making that kind of difficult- BUT I just pray over
those little ones often. I look at my kids when I'm tucking
them in after their baths and in their clean jammies and
under their little down comforters and sometimes it's
just too much. I am overly emotional, totally aware. But,
how can you NOT be emotional about little children
who have no mommies and daddies, no home, no security
whatsoever. So many are left alone over there, so many
are probably so filled with fear they can hardly breathe.
It's really hard to understand by God can bless some
nations with such wealth, such easy living, and then
have other nations where just living through the day is hard.

I'm not sure why I decided to get all serious today,
I just know that God is good and he knows what He's
doing. But sometimes I just can't WAIT to flee this world
and be in Heaven, dancing with Jesus and knowing that
forever and ever and ever ... all will be good.


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