Monday, January 25, 2010

Positively Positive

I've been hiding from my blog on this particular issue for a couple weeks now ... even though the official facebook announcement has been made and my mother has informed everyone in central Arkansas, the thought of a blog announcement has just exhausted me (as if EVERYTHING doesn't exhaust me right now...)
Here's the tale ... I'm sure one day this will be humorous and one of my proudest survival storiesm but right now I'm still just overwhelmed, and not gonna lie- a little skeered.

A couple weeks ago I hadn't been feeling all that well. I continually sleepy, even if I had just woken up and I just didn't feel myself. I had been nauseated, but Avery had had a stomach bug and had thrown up a couple times and had fever so I just thought we had a bug. Then two mornings in a row I had to run to the bathroom first thing. I laid back down in bed and tried to think if I was "late." Well, yes ... but I'm super irregular. (This is what they call denial.) Aaron was hunting and was coming home that morning, I called him to bring home a pregnancy test. During the time I called Aaron, and before he got home the doctor called to tell me I had missed my appointment that morning. My "appointment" was a consultation on getting the IUD or Mirena ... a semi-permanent contraceptive. Ohhhh, the irony.
So, Aaron came home brought me a test and made me take it immediately. I knew before I took it though ... but there were the familiar two pink lines.
Positively Positive.

I called the doctor back to tell him I needed to change the reason for my appointment.

Then I may or may not have cried. 3 kids is a lot. Heck, two kids is a lot- 1 is a full time job!!! I am a on-the-go person. I love to run around and have a full schedule. With three kids there is none of that. You just stay-at-home. I honestly don't know how you even get to Bible Study. I'm sure I'll figure it out.
I have ALWAYS wanted a big family. I've actually uttered the words "I want 5 kids," many times. And the truth is that Dalton will be about 2 and a half, and that there won't ever be an easy time to have another baby ... it won't ever be convienent. So this might just be fine, hey I might even like it. ;)

I am so beyond blessed and thankful to have the most wonderful family and in-laws in the whole wide world. Everyone is so supportive and I know this little baby will be so loved and so perfect that we won't ever be able to imagine what life was like without them.

Right now I am just so terribly, terribly sick. I'm just praying it's not like with Avery where I was still throwing up the day I had her. It's pretty hard taking care of two kids well, much less sick. Our house looks terrible and the kids have watched Monsters Inc about 100 times. Don't tell.

I went to the doctor and our due date is September 2, 2010. Labor Day.

Well, that's our story ... more to come.


Jennifer T said...

im so sorry youre sick rebekah :( i have been lucky (so ive been told) and havent had any morning sickness...if i could take half of yours so you could at least be halfway unsick, i would! :) i hope you get to feeling better...

Rebekah said...

I just found your blog....bless your heart and congrats all at the same time. You are precious and so is you family! I hope the sickness goes away. I have 1 little one and am debating on whether or not I can even handle a second. But, God will not give you more than you handle, right?!?! Hang in there, it is such a blessing!

Kaela said...

that's my birthday :) hopefully your new little one won't be doomed to the "birthday on the first day of school" curse as i was. congratulations at the same time though. your family is beautiful :)

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