Monday, April 13, 2009

Doctor Days.

This morning I called the doctor because Avery has been coughing and coughing the last couple nights. About 9 when I thought about getting us all ready for the 9:30 appointment I was looking at the downpour, the quiet babes, and thinking "Oh, maybe they're better today." I thought better of it and decided we should still go ahead and go. They were pretty much in their PJs and sweatpants (as was I), but of course Avery had a big bow in, so that helped. This was my second solo trip to the doctor with both of them in 10 months. It's a crazy experience. Today was a lot better, but still chaotic. How do people do it with 3? The getting out and getting in to the vehicle is the worst. It scares me to death. Even with help it's crazy, that's why I never have pics of us at the doctors office. I should just take a pic of the building before we go in. After we walk through those doors pictures are a distant memory- We're in survival mode. Avery is opening every drawer, cabinet, trying to escape the room, while trying to kiss snotty sick kids that probably have measles, mumps and rubella. It's a zoo.
Dr. W checked both kids out and told me that Dalton had two ear infections, and Avery had one as well. Oh. My. Gosh. I felt terrible. Even if there's nothing I can do about it, I felt terrible. Poor little lambies. Dalton always goes right down for naps or bedtime, he usually will just smile at me while I'm patting his little head and go right to sleep. The last two days he has screamed bloody murder when I put him in his crib. Gee Whiz. I'm so glad I took them in. Avery fell asleep on the way home, I put her in my bed because she woke up and a few minutes later I went in there to take my shoes off and she was out- O-U-T!! She needed that nap. Dalton ate some lunch and he went down too after a big dose of Tylenol. I could tell that helped him pretty quickly.
Hoping they feel better soon!!


RachB said...

ohhhhh bless their little hearts!!!!!!!! so so sorry!

i need a wife too! Wouldnt it be nice! I cried today over dishes... like melt down city. Ridiculous. RIDIC. And Ryan then unloaded his first batch of clean dishes. :)

Corby and Lauren said...

Oh my... so sorry about those little ears!!! I can't imagine how ready you are for them to not be sick! And yes, I too, could use a wife. I've never gone this long without vacuuming or cleaning the bathrooms! It is just down right dirty in this place!!!

Boonies in the Boonies said...

Thankyou for your comments! I always feel like I'm the only woman who can't keep up with the housework!!

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