Thursday, April 16, 2009

10 Months Today!

Today Dalton turned 10 months old. For some reason this is the first time a birthday (with either child) has kinda hit me in my gut. But this one did. He is just starting to look a lot older and 10 months sounds really close to a year. I just get really upset thinking about how much I LOVE him at this age right now. I am his favorite person, he lights up whenever he sees me (but Avery is a very close second). He is seriously the happiest baby ever. He just smiles, plays contently by himself or with others. He sleeps all night, he is easy to please. He will pretty much eat anything he loves to give kisses and is just so full of life. It makes me realize that this is the only time he will be this age, then all I will be able to do is look at pictures to remember him as a baby. I could seriously break down right this minute. Is that the cheesiest thing ever?!?! Don't answer that....

Here are some sweet things about my perfect, precious baby boy right now.

  • He sleeps from about 8:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. every night.

  • He drinks a bottle when he wakes up followed by breakfast that usually consists of fruit and some kind of bread: muffin, biscuit, toaster strudel or pancakes. He then takes a nap, wakes up and eats some lunch. That usually consists of turkey, or chicken, cheese, crackers or goldfish and fruit. He plays for a couple hours and then takes his afternoon bottle and nap. He wakes up and plays and usually eats whatever we are having for dinner. He is such a good eater! Then he takes a bath and goes night-night by 8:30-9.

  • He loves any and all fruit.

  • Juice is his favorite beverage (overly-diluted White-Cran Peach and White-Cran Strawberry preferably) but he did just discover milk a few days ago and he is very excited about it.

  • He goes into his bed completely content when it is time for a nap. I just pat his head and he closes his eyes, usually smiling. However, when he wakes up he starts immediately screaming bloody murder until I come get him. As soon as I walk in he starts jumping up and down smiling again. Avery used to hang out contently in her crib forever. She still will lay in her bed for a long time when she wakes up until she is ready for me to come get her.

  • He LOVES being outside, I am so excited about getting to be outside now that it is warm out.

  • He gets diaper rash a LOT, his little skin is so sensitive. (Avery NEVER got diaper rash).

  • We just bumped both of them up to size 5 diapers ... (I think that's why I've been so upset about this month's b-day. There have been so many changes this month)

  • He babbles all day long- talking talking talking

  • He cruises around the couch and crawls very very fast.

  • He reaches for me now! Yahoo!!

  • I can tell he's going to be sensitive. Mom always says "Can't you tell it would be really easy to hurt his feelings." This makes me laugh.

  • He is a major GRUNTER. He grunts about everything, especially if you're taking too long to get his food!

  • He ways a little over 24 pounds ... Today when we went to the doctor to check out his ears again they asked me if he could stand on the scale ... I politely said "No, he's an infant, a really big infant."

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    Another reason I don't want him to get older is because I know people will start asking me, "so when are y'all having another one." I'm sure I have said before that I want 5, but now I'm just taking it one at a time (or pretty much 2 at a time in my case). When they are both in some kind of 3-5 day a week pre-school or kindergarten, we'll talk about adding on. For now, we're good. :)


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