Friday, October 9, 2009

Busy Bees.

Dalton's main form of communication right now is grunting. I am getting to where I can figure out most of his grunts and groans ... hungry groans, mad grunts, surprised grunts, sleepy grunts ... you get it. Grunt, Grunt, Grunt!! But, I am pleased to announce in the last couple weeks he has started saying a few words!! Avery didn't really start talking at all until she was almost two, so I'm so excited!! He says "Mama, Dada, No, Ju (for Juice), Bye-Bye, and Go." I'm almost 90% sure that he also refers to several Animals ... "Duck, Dog, and Deer." Although I might just assume it because he points and says "Duhh" and I think that's what he means. EVERY time I get him out of his crib he points at this painting of ducks flying and says "Duuuhh" which I really think he means duck! :) He is getting bigger and funnier and faster every single day!!
Avery is getting a little too bossy for her own britches ... seriously. Poor Dalton is just bossed all day long. I feel like he was just in his element for a few minutes yesterday when I went to a sweet friends house and her little boy and another friend's little girl were there playing. It was like he could play and talk to them without Avery jumping all over him. I just watched him try to get in the Cozy Coupe and Avery saw him across the room. She RACED across the room to pull him out and climb in herself. I. couldn't. believe. my. eyes. I have called her my "perfect" child for a while now. I think I may have found some ... "imperfections." It really made me have some more compassion on Bubba. Maybe he just wants to play with her all day and she isn't nice when I'm not around. :(
There is just nothing more upsetting than seeing your kiddos being mean to each other. ARG!!
I'm looking forward to another fun-filled wedding weekend. This is my third weekend in a row to have a wedding to go to! Crazy! But it really is fun to see old friends!! The first weekend Luke Porter and Christin Cooke got married in Dallas, last weekend Buddy Harding and Rachel Parker got married in Little Rock and tomorrow night my high-school/college best friend, Leah Finn, is marrying Robbie Polk at her parents house in Little Rock. :) So fun. Hopefully the rain will stay away!!!

P.S. Throughout the duration of this post I have issued at least 4 spankings. That is just ridiculous. Dalton will not stop climbing up on to my kitchen table ... Dear Lord, grant me peace.


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