Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yesterday afternoon Avery came skipping into the living room and said, "Hey Mama, I want a cupcake." I kinda laughed at this because it was one of the first time I had heard her ask for that before and then I told her we didn't have any cupcakes. Her eyes got about as big as silver dollars and she stuck her lip out super far, and then big tears started rolling down her cheeks, "no cupcakes." Part of me wanted to laugh, part of me wanted to load her up in the car and head straight to 'Cupcakes on Kavanaugh' to get her the biggest cupcake in stock. However, I just scooped her up and told her we'd get her one later. She and Dalton were acting funny all day yesterday, just not their best. Dalton started having some terrible tummy issues a couple days ago and even though I've said it's all because of his teeth I wanted to go ahead and take him in. My mom came down to help me and we went to the doctor first thing this morning to find out he has a little bug and to give him Benefiber in his applesauce. It's pretty gross. I feel sorry for my little pooper. After we got them home and they ate lunch I gave her a cupcake I had gotten at Walgreens when I went to get the Benefiber (the Little Debbie one with the white swirly thing across the top, it's pretty much gourmet). The child thought I was the. greatest. thing. ever. She just lit up and was screaming, "thanks Mama, thanks Mama!!!" Best feeling ever. I'm kicking myself right now that I didn't take a picture. I'm probably going to Sam's later to buy a bulk supply.
Dalton's laying down for a nap now and Avery and I are hanging out in my bed. Last week we finally got a new bed and a new mattress and box springs. Since then I've spent about 45% of the day in my bed. It's pretty much the softest thing ever. I'm probably going to have to take a nap myself because my "Sonic Date" ran pretty late last night. Sometimes during the week my friend Michele and I will go to Sonic after we put our kiddos to bed. It seriously has kept me kind of sane. :) Last night we didn't go until about 9:30 and didn't come home until 11:30. I'm pooped myself.
Hopefully Dalton will rally here in a little while. I need him to be his sweet funny self again.


RachB said...

i wish i were Michele!!! I wish WE could go to sonic together. booo hooo hoooo.

the osbornes said...

Oh my blog twin, I am so glad you're posting again! I love your stories about those sweet babies. One of these days I'm going to have to come out to Bryant for one of those Sonic dates with you & Michele, cause that sounds way fun!

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